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For some short videos about registering with your email address please CLICK HEREAny registered player of the River Murray Football League selected to train for a League squad will make himself available for inter-league football and training. Any failure to do so could see penalties apply.
All players of the River Murray Football League must abide by the Zero Tolerance and Racial Vilification polices as well as the Player Code of Conduct, and make themselves familiar with all by-laws and the Constitution of the League.

The Rambler Football Club invites you to register for the 2019 Season.

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Rooster Team Rules
The Rambler Football Club Committee welcome you to the home of the Mighty Roosters!!!

As licensees of the Bar and Clubrooms we look forward to providing a fun, safe and enjoyable facility.

In effort to promote the safe and responsible service of alcohol we respectfully remind members and guests that

- alcohol will not be served or consumed by persons under 18 years

- if asked proof of age required; either driver’s licence, proof of age or keypass card

- alcohol must not be brought onto or taken from the premises

- alcohol will not be served to any person who is intoxicated or drunk, disorderly or offensive

- if patron becomes intoxicated and not putting others at risk with their behaviour they will provided with water and offered options for safe transport home

- alcohol won as prizes on function nights must not be consumed on premises

- unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated (see separate policy)

Our club license requires that all patrons have safely left the premises by 1 am and to help facilitate this please note

- persons under 18 required to leave by 12 midnight

- music will be turned off and lights turned up at 12.30 am

- last drinks will be called for at 12.30 am with bell or siren

- bar will be closed at 12.45 am

- patrons begin exiting building from 12.45 am

The Committee welcome any feedback and suggestions and thankyou for your patronage.

Go the Mighty Roosters!!!!

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