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2019 Bayside Saints Registration - Members and Players Membership Consent

You are about to register as a member/player of the South Eastern Superules Football Club Inc. trading as the BAYSIDE SAINTS (The Club). In doing so, you acknowledge that -

1. I agree to be bound by the Rules of The Club.
2. I agree to pay the annual membership fee, as set by The Club from time to time, to The Club as required.
3. As a member/player I am responsible for the provision of my own Accident, Life, Income Protection & Health insurance covers, as these are not covered by The Club in any way.
4. I understand that the annual membership fee may include amounts for insurances which are provided by AFL Masters Vic Metro Superules Football Association Inc. of which The Club is a member, and are not provided by The Club itself.
5. I understand The Club is not responsible for processing any Insurance claims or covers for me.
6. I intend to have a great time being a member/player of The Club and accept that any risk associated with being a member/player of The Club is my responsibility.
7. I agree not to issue any claims against The Club, Committee or members now or in the future.
8. I agree to indemnify The Club, Committee or members if somebody issues claims against any of them in connection with injury, loss or damage I suffer or cause.
9. If I participate in a game, I agree to be deemed to have accepted voluntarily all and any risks associated with playing sport on the playing surface and its associated equipment.

NOTE: By completing the following registration process, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the above terms and requirements and hereby agree to be bound by all such terms, conditions and requirements.

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