Mt Lawley Inglewood JFC


NEW MEMBERS – Please click on the “New Member” tab under the “NEW MEMBERS” heading if you are a brand new member to this Community Club and have never played for any other Community Club or participated in Auskick.

CURRENT MEMBERS – Please click on the name(s) you wish to register/update for this season under the “CURRENT MEMBERS” heading below if you are returning to the Community Club you were last part of or transitioning from Auskick to this Community Club.

For some short videos about registering with your email address please CLICK HEREIf you are registering to participate in Australian Rules Football for the first time, transitioning from Auskick or re-registering for this club, please enter you email address in the field below and then follow the prompts to complete your registration.

For some short videos about registering with your email address please CLICK HERE

Team Managers

If you are registering as a Team Manager please select your name name under CURRENT MEMBERS or select NEW MEMBERS below.
On the next screen please select Registering As "Official".

Auskick Transitioning to Junior Club Footy

If your child has previously played Auskick (at any club), please select the child's name under CURRENT MEMBERS once you have logged in.

Players (School years 4-12) Transferring from Another Club

If you have been registered with another football club you will need to contact us so we can request a transfer. This needs to be done before you can register with our club. Please read the Transfers section on the clubs registration page.

School Year 2 or Below

If your child is in School Year 2 or below or will not be turning 8 by the 30th June this year, you need to register for Auskick which can only be done using the Auskick link on the clubs registration page.

Member Details Not Appearing

For previously registered Auskickers, players, coaches or managers, if after logging in, the member details do not appear in the CURRENT MEMBERS section, the email address you have used to logon may be different to what you have used previously. If this is the case, try the original email address. If you are unsure of the email address, please contact the Club Registrar at with the member's details and we will confirm the email address and update if necessary.

You need to login with an email address before you see the CURRENT MEMBERS or NEW MEMBERS section below.

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