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Corio Bay Basketball

Welcome to Basketball's National Registration System

Please note that refunds will incur a $5.00 admin fee

This form will allow you to pay the Basketball Victoria Country Affiliation fee, as well as the Corio Bay Basketball Association fees.

Information about Basketball Victoria Country Affiliation (BVCA)

1. Each person participating as a player at a BVC affiliated association must be a current registered player.

2. The player's registration status will be recorded in "The Basketball Network", Basketball Victoria Country and Basketball Australia's official registration system.

3. A player's registration status is determined by two fields "date last registered" and "date registered until" which will be automatically generated on the system after payment is received.

4. A player can have a primary and secondary association.

5. An Affiliated association will collect the prescribed Basketball Victoria Country Affiliation (BVCA) Fee on behalf of BVC.

6. The BVCA will have an expiry date that is determined by each associations registration period.
    - This dictates the registration period for all players in the association and is guaranteed to cover one competition season of participation. If a participant utilises the first six months of affiliation/registration to participate and then returns for a second competition season in the remaining six months, the second six months will not require any further affiliation payment (BVCA Fee).
    - If a participant registers/affiliates in the second six months of the association's registration period the fee will only cover that one competition season.

For further information or assistance with your registration please contact Geelong Basketball Netball Centre via:
Phone: (03) 5223-1992.

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