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Balnarring Storm Basketball Club - SportsTG Registration

Balnarring Storm Basketball Club

Welcome to Basketball's National Registration SystemWARNING: THIS REGISTRATION DOES NOT CONTAIN INSURANCE
Uninsured players will cause team forfeits and may be liable for injury and damages.

MUST READ: Summer Season, 2 Step Registration process...

This product is for your club fee only. Once we have allocated players to teams, we will receive team codes for each team. We will then publish team lists and team codes. You will then do a secondary registration, using your associations website, to your association which will include your association fee and your insurance fee.

Thank you for registering with Balnarring Storm Basketball Club , if you have any questions or are unclear on how to complete this form please call 0448 241 178 or email

TeamApp is our main platform for communication. Please download Teamapp, search for Balnarring Storm and then request access. Once access is granted, you will have team lists, fixtures, club news, coaching info, and much more at your fingertips.

Each Team needs a Coach and Team Manager, and these positions need to be filled by you, the parents. Without these volunteers, our kids can't take to the court, so please consider putting your hand up for these rewarding roles.

Please ensure all of your contact details are correct.

Please let us know your requests for next season, it really helps us put the teams together. So if you want to stay in the same team, or change, or play with/without specific teammates, please tell us. We can't guarantee it, but we will try.

You are about to purchase your Storm Club fee for Summer 2019/20, plus $1 transaction fee, and this will total to $26. Anything different, please contact us.

Registrations will close Sunday 1st Sept, then we will be creating the teams, ready to be announced by the holidays, so keep an eye out for emails and Facebook posts.

There will be no late registrations accepted, so please ensure all of your teammates are registered before Sunday 1st Sept.

NOTE: To complete this process you will need to pay online.

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