Parramatta District Touch Association


TFA ensures continuous protection and coverage for the registered participants, officials, administrators, committee members and volunteers. TFA recommend all individuals consider their personal circumstances and assess if additional coverage is required outside of what is offered as part of membership to the affiliated structure. To view all insurance information please click here.
Welcome to the Individual Registration Portal for Parramatta Touch Association

This process requires all individuals to supply correct personal information and contact details including mobile & email for membership and insurance purposes.

This process also includes payment online via a Visa or MasterCard and the associated costs of registration are;
Under 7's and Under 9's= $65.00
Under 11's, 13's, 15's & 17's= $75.00
Snr Comp (Singlet Required)= $110.00
Snr Comp (No Singlet Required)= $95.00

Additionally the main form of communication between the Parramatta Touch Association and yourself will be through email, please check your email for further details or the associations website at Parramatta Touch Association Website

To register yourself into your team you will require the unique Team Code which is supplied by your Team Contact.

For Individual wanting to be placed in a team for the 2019 Senior & Junior Summer Competition use the below codes.
Under 7 Mixed= 22289219
Under 9 Girls/Mixed= 22289220
Under 9 Boys= 22289221
Under 11 Boys= 22289222
Under 11 Girls= 22289223
Under 13 Boys= 22289224
Under 13 Girls= 22289225
Under 15 Boys= 22289226
Under 15 Girls= 22289227
Under 17 Boys= 22289228
Under 17 Girls= 22289229
Men's = 22318200
Mixed = 22318198

If you have any questions please contact;
Parramatta Touch Association Administrator
Pam Hetherington
Mobile: 0407 928 308
Email: Parramatta Touch Association Email

NOTE: To complete this process you will need to pay online.

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