Caboolture Basketball Inc.


Please note the divisions the association will be offering for the Summer 2018 Senior Competitions:

Men's A
Men's B
Men's C
Ladies A
Ladies B

* Women's competition will be moved to a Thursday night commencing the 19th of July.

Game time on the Tuesday Men's and Thursday Women's competitions will be as follows:

6:05 pm
6:55 pm
7:45 pm
8:35 pm
9:25 pm


Please Note that if there is not enough team nominations to form a single competition in each division they will be combined and then split come finals time.

CBI reserve the right to move teams into the correct competition we feel is the best fit based on the results of 2018 Winter season.

All team are required to nominate by the closing date. Any teams coming in after the closing date will incur an admin fee of $20 on top of the $75 team nomination fee.

* Game times will be spread evenly across all teams with equal share of times and courts. This will be across ALL COMPETITIONS.

* 24 hr notice in regards to forfeit is required. Cost of this must be paid prior to commencement of the following weeks game.

* All jerseys must have clear and visible numbers on both front and back of the jersey.

* All teams must have full and matching uniforms by the 4th week of competition. If any team chooses to have a player take the court that is not in full uniform, they will incur a penalty of 5 points per player out of uniform.

* Full length skins, 3/4 leggings and pants with pockets are forbidden under FIBA rules and will not be allowed.

* Piercings and any other form of body jewelry is forbidden under FIBA rules and will not be allowed and any band aid covers will not be allowed.

* Score bench is included in game fee of $95 per game for each team. Team captains are responsible for paying all game fees each night in full.

* Closing Date is Friday the 15th of JUNE 2018. Any team that enters after this date, the above mentioned additional admin fee will apply.

* All players must have their yearly CBI rego fee payed prior to the first game. Registration fees will not be taken on the first night of the new season and players that do not have this done will not be able to play.

NOTE: To complete this process you will need to pay online.

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