Maroondah Volleyball

Maroondah Volleyball League - Summer 2019/20 Season - Player Registration to a Team (includes Volleyball Victoria Membership).

For more information on 2020 memberships visit As a minimum you are required to have a Social/Competitive (Blue) membership of Volleyball Victoria ($44) which will cover you until the 31st March 2021. You must not remain UNPAID or your will not be considered a MV & VV member or registered to your team. If you have already paid for a 2020 Volleyball Victoria membership (ie Registered for another MV Competition, State League player or another association), then you do not need to pay again, please select the $0 option that matches to the membership you have already paid.

How to register
Start by selecting one of the options below
If you registered in a previous season you can request your username and password by entering your email address below.

Team Codes
Team NameCompetitionDivisionTeam Code
Ancient HillsTuesdayDivision 322226465
Battle ChimpsThursdayDivision 222268548
Blash Inc.TuesdayDivision 121472800
Bump ItWomen'sDivision 222250097
CarnageWomen'sDivision 221861620
ChalkiesTuesdayDivision 121472797
Chin StarWomen'sDivision 121809244
Crack It!TuesdayDivision 221472813
DragonsThursdayDivision 321809246
Dumbledores ArmyTuesdayDivision 321472817
Five and a half menThursdayDivision 221472856
FloorplayTuesdayDivision 222218705
GenXYZTuesdayDivision 222227946
Golden BearsWomen'sDivision 222226614
HB Voll-CThursdayDivision 322321352
How I set you MotherThursdayDivision 121831860
HustlersTuesdayDivision 121472802
Itsy, Bitsy, SpikersWomen'sDivision 221884801
Kerala Sports ClubTuesdayDivision 122303995
Kiss My AceThursdayDivision 322017663
Lightning SpikeWomen'sDivision 221472831
LMCThursdayDivision 321472849
MADWomen'sDivision 222312085
Mad Scramble 1TuesdayDivision 121885702
Mad Scramble 2TuesdayDivision 221472815
MuvnalaiWomen'sDivision 122312858
NetsWomen'sDivision 121888320
No DiggetyThursdayDivision 121655480
NomadsTuesdayDivision 321472828
Notorious D.I.GThursdayDivision 322311712
PancakesThursdayDivision 322322640
PhoenixWomen'sDivision 122328507
PikeysThursdayDivision 121472874
SchwifteyThursdayDivision 121894666
Send ItThursdayDivision 222314057
Setting DucksWomen'sDivision 122072697
SmegheadsTuesdayDivision 321472816
Sorting HattersThursdayDivision 121472852
Spikological WarfareTuesdayDivision 221472826
StormWomen'sDivision 121844068
Storm 2Women'sDivision 222316820
StuntsThursdayDivision 221472848
Sugar 'n' SpikesThursdayDivision 221472842
TBCThursdayDivision 222325582
The DiggersWomen'sDivision 221472834
The Furphy'sTuesdayDivision 221884187
The RookiesWomen'sDivision 221885680
The StoogersThursdayDivision 221472845
Total EclipseTuesdayDivision 221472814
TropicsTuesdayDivision 121880947
True GritTuesdayDivision 322313949
VakokWomen'sDivision 121883721
Where's VolleyTuesdayDivision 322089354
Why is GamoraTuesdayDivision 322278965
YoungStarTuesdayDivision 222321275

Please enter your email address below and follow through the options for either an existing register member or a new member, and enter your team code when asked.

If you have problems, please come and see us in the office so we can assist you, you will need to bring your money for your Volleyball Victoria membership if you haven't yet paid for 2019/20. Please check online and ensure your name is printed on the score sheet, if your name is not printed on the score sheet then you are not registered or registered correctly and must come and see us to sort it out.

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