Frankston and District Basketball Association

Senior Domestic Competitions
Winter 2018 Season


Available Competitions:
MEN -> Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday
WOMEN -> Wednesday
MIXED -> Wednesday or Sunday

If you are registering for the Monday Morning Women's competition click HERE to go to the registration page for that competition.

Competition Eligibility:
-> Players must be 15 years or older to play in Senior Competitions.
-> For Masters Men competition, players must be 35 years or older.

Pre-Grading Matches:
New teams may be required to play in pre-grading matches. These games will be used to help decide which division your team is best suited to.
-> Sunday = 18th & 25th Mar
-> Monday = 19th & 26th Mar
-> Tuesday = 20th & 27th Mar
-> Wednesday = 21st & 28th Mar
-> Thursday = 22nd & 29th Mar

Competition Start Dates:
-> Sunday = 08th Apr
-> Monday = 09th Apr
-> Tuesday = 03rd Apr
-> Wednesday = 04th Apr
-> Thursday = 05th Apr

Full season calendar is available at the FDBA website.

Before commencing the online registration process you should have the following details:

-> Team Manager/Representative Contact Information - name, phone/mobile number, address and email address.

-> Player information - Email addresses of any NEW players(parents/guardians). If players do not have emails addresses you can enter your own email address and register the player(s) yourself.

-> Online Registration Fee Payment - To finalize your entry ALL NEW teams must pay the New Team Application Fee ($190) and Season Registration Fee (Early Bird $140 / Regular $185). The new team application fee is a one time payment required by all new teams to be accepted into the competition. Entry can not be submitted without payment. Please have your MasterCard or VISA ready to complete registration.

NOTE: To complete this process you will need to pay online.

New Team Registration