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Re-accreditation - $44

Re-accreditation is the process that enables an individual to stay accredited as either a coach or an official. Qualifications last anywhere between 2 and 4 years, therefore all coaches and officials must undertake this process to keep their accreditation.
If this process is not maintained an individual may have to re-sit the face to face course.

How do I renew my accreditation?
*please note renewal can only take place if your accreditation has lapsed for less that the total period of accreditation. Eg - accreditation period 4 years, you must renew within 4 years of expiration.

Prior to completing your re-accreditation process please read the Volleyball Australia Renewal Policy

Steps for Renewal

1. Complete the following renewal documents
a. Coach Registration Form
b. Coaching Log Sheet

2. Register and Pay for your application to renew your reaccreditation and upload documents A. and B.

- Once payment and forms are received, Volleyball Victoria will inform you if your renewal application has been accepted.

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