Basketball WA Senior Competitions

Welcome to the Basketball WA - Perth Metro Basketball League (PMBL) 2018 Winter Season Wednesday night team nomination form.

The competition starts on the 28th of March and runs through until the beginning of July 2018.

All teams are required to pay the nomination fee of $73 online via this nomination form.

New teams are encouraged to also pay the team bond of $188 online. Returning teams will be informed how much Team bond they owe before their first game, as forfeit fines are removed from it during the season.

Please note that there will be an increase in game fee effective from the start of the Winter season. The new game fee will be $65.

If you are a returning team and have lost your team code and/or password, request those details below. If you are a new team contact person and require your team code and/or password email

NOTE: To complete this process you will need to pay online.

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