2018 NRL Gr10 JRL Parade Registration Form
Western Rams

Western Rams

2018 Bathurst NRL Club Parade
Friday 4 May, Carrington Park, Bathurst

All Group 10 Junior Clubs are invited to participate in a "Club Parade" around Carrington Park before the Penrith Panthers take on North Queensland Cowboys. Registered Group 10 Junior Clubs can give their junior players the chance to experience the buzz and excitement of an NRL game in Bathurst.

Please read the following details to ensure all requirements of participants and accompanying adults are understood

MATCH DETAILS: Penrith Panthers v North Queensland Cowboys, Carrington Park, Bathurst

DATE: Friday 4 May 2018

WHERE TO MEET: Clubs to assemble on the grassed area at the southern end of the field behind the big screen TV at 6:25pm parade to commence at approximately 6:41pm.

WHAT TO WEAR: Junior Players must wear club uniform/tracksuit/colours and joggers. Bring along any club flags and banners to represent your club.

TICKETS: All 2018 registered members of Group 10 JRL (players 5-15 years, volunteers and coaches) have access to redeem their FREE ticket to the fixture through the PlayNRL Rewards program. For more information and to claim your tickets, please visit PlayNRL Rewards.

U16s are welcome to attend the Parade, but will have to purchase their ticket through Ticketek along with any accompanying adult/parent/guardian for $15/30

ADULT CLUB REPRESENTATIVE: All junior rugby league clubs that wish to attend must be supervised by an adult club representative. The number of supervisors required for each club will be dependent on the numbers of participants from that club that register for the club parade. Your club will be notified if more supervisors are required. If you wish to be an adult club representative, please complete this registration form and mark YES to the Club Supervisor question.

JUNIOR CLUB PARTICIPANTS: All Group 10 Junior players are invited to participate in the club parade. Parents and guardians are to complete this registration form to register a junior player for the parade.


Parade Participant Details
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Emergency Contact Information
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Junior League Details
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The information on this form is being collected to allow Bathurst Regional Council to process your application and/or carry out its statutory obligations. All information collected will be held by Bathurst Regional Council and will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected. An individual may view their personal information and may correct any errors.

Bathurst NRL Junior Rugby League Parade Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions have been compiled by Bathurst Regional Council staff, for distribution to parents/guardians in the Club Parade event prior to the Penrith Panthers home game at Carrington Park.

Risk Warning
The parent or guardian of the participant entering the club parade are responsible for ensuring that the participant's physical condition and fitness is suitable for participation in the club parade. The parent or guardian of the participant acknowledges that the club parade may involve a risk of injury or other harm from various causes including, but not limited to, overexertion, collision with other participants or people or on field fixtures or signage or equipment, uneven and/or slippery playing surface, and slipping or tripping.

Approval for Publications
During participation in the club parade photo and video footage will be taken and may be used in future publications by Bathurst Regional Council, Country Rugby League (CRL) and National Rugby League (NRL). By participating and or allowing a minor to participate in the club parade you as a parent and or guardian acknowledge your acceptance of this clause.

Parent/Guardian Agreement Waiver
You, as a parent and or guardian acknowledge that participation in the club parade may carry with it certain dangers including the risk of injury and damage to property, and agree, to the extent permitted by law, to waive all claims for liability against any participant (including players, coaches, volunteers and administrators) and release every such participant from all liability that may be incurred in connection with your participation in the Activities.

Club Representative Agreement Waiver
You, as the game day club representative will ensure that all parents and or guardians of participants entering the club parade representing your specific club will have filled out a participation registration form acknowledging the parent/guardian agreement waiver. You, as the game day club representative will ensure that there is adequate supervision for your junior club during the on field club parade.