Referee Course

Level 1 Referee Course

Required Number of Participants: 10

Time required for the course: 8 hours

When : Saturday November 10th

Where : Warwick Stadium - group fitness room

Time : 930am - 530pm

Cost : $70

Pre-Requisites: 1. Must be 15 years of age prior to the commencement of the course
2. Association Beginner accredited for 12 months minimum or Association Development accredited (preferred), mature age participants with proof of prior formal training may apply for RPL to this level (must still undertake the course)
3. Physically Fit.

Assignments 1. Two successful on court assessments by a current Level 1 Referee Coach (a list of current referee coaches can be found on the BWA website). Sign offs at junior domestic under 15s division 1 and above, WABL under 14s division 1, state champs and country champs under 14s division 1, 15s division 1 and 2, under 16s division 1 and 2, under 18s division 1 and 2 and senior divisions. Grading environment must be at a suitable standard within these age limits, where the standard of the game is not suitable a no will be given for that assessment. A yes will only be given where the referee is competent on this level of game.
2. Country referees wanting to get signed off at country championships over one weekend must get a yes by two different Level 1 Referee Coaches.
3. All components during the course to be completed, workbook to be completed within two weeks of the course completion and submitted to Basketball WA. Pass mark for the workbook is 100% (open book).

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