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Basketball Tasmania Leagues - SportsTG Registration

Basketball Tasmania Leagues

2020 Tasmanian Junior Basketball Championships
Under 12 Boys and Girls

Saturday 3 & Sunday 4 October
Devonport Recreation Centre & Latrobe Sports Centre (if required)

Entries close strictly 5pm Monday 21 September 2020

Teams will be required to supply two score table officials for each match in which they play unless specifically requested not to do so.

All Referees will be supplied by Basketball Tasmania.

Match balls will be Molten size 5 only as appropriate. No other brand of match ball is to be used. Teams must supply their own warm up balls. Private basketballs will not be allowed into the venue. Only match balls and team warm-up balls are permitted.

1. Games will consist of four x 10 minute quarters. Clock will stop for time-outs, foul shots, substitutions and full FIBA rules in the last two minutes.

2. Five minutes warm-up will be allowed, time permitting.

3. Two-minute half time break, One-minute quarter time break.

4. 2 timeouts will be permitted in the first half, 3 timeouts will be permitted in the second half, with a maximum of 2 in the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter.

5. The shot clock will operate in Under 14 and above competitions. The shot clock will not start in Under 14 competitions until the ball has gained frontcourt status.

6. Alternating possession arrow will operate.

7. Players must be uniformly dressed, including shorts. As the recent FIBA rule changes, players will be able to wear number 0 and 00 and any number from 1 to 99.

8. T-shirts, regardless of style, may not be worn under a playing singlet, even if a medical certificate is provided.

9. Headbands and armbands may only be worn if their colour is a major colour contained in the playing uniform.

10. Appropriate sponsorship only may be displayed on the playing gear.

11. Draws must be played out – an extra three - (3) minutes will be played. Teams are permitted 1 timeout in each overtime period.

12. Three-point shots will only count as 2 points at Under 12 and below competitions.

13. Twelve players may be nominated and all 12 may play in any one game. Players must play one game on each day of the competition to qualify for finals. Players must be uniformly attired and ready to play sitting on the player’s bench. The bench chair will cross out any player not present during the game immediately following the completion of the game.

14. Admission charges for 2020:
• Players and Adults - $5 per day
• Non-playing children (Under 16) - $4 per day
• Concessions - $4 per day
• Family (2 adults, 2 children) - $15 per day
• Family Weekend Pass - $25 for the weekend
Players can be included in the family passes.

Note: 3 x Officials per team will be able to enter the venues without charge. Officials must advise their status on each entry to the venues.

15. Permit players are only allowed if they were approved at the start of the TJBL regional competitions and have qualified for finals in that competition.

Players may only play for one team in an age group. For example, a player can compete in both U16 and U18s but cannot play for two teams in U16s.
No clearances or permits will be allowed for players to switch teams before State Championships.

The Competitions Committee will deliberate on any appeals to the rules.
Special draw arrangements will not be made to alleviate clashes (eg. U16 and U18) where two age groups are playing at the same tournament.

16. In the event of teams finishing with the same number of wins at the end of the round robin series, the method of determining positions will be that contained in the Official Basketball Rules i.e. only the game(s) between the teams concerned will be taken into account.

17. All players and officials are to be registered members of Basketball Tasmania in 2020. Officials need to be registered to Basketball Tasmania as non playing officials. This can be done here

18. In submitting their entry, associations have certified that all requirements of Basketball Tasmania have been met, including those relating to Basketball Tasmania's Working With Vulnerable Persons Policy and Basketball Australia National Integrity Framework.

19. In the event of a clash of colours, any team in unofficial colours will be required to change. If both teams are in official colours the first named team is required to change their uniforms.

20. The use of Zone Defence in U12/U14 is not allowed. Zone Defence is defined as being any defence in the half court which does not incorporate normal man to man defensive principles. The host association will appoint an observer (“Zone Buster”) who will be called upon only by the Match Manager to adjudicate on an issue which has been raised. Only the Match Manager may call upon the observer and only then, if the Match Manager is satisfied that the allegation is based on a genuine belief that Zone Defence was being played. If the observer is satisfied that Zone Defence has been played, the Match Manager will be advised and that person will issue an official warning to the offending coach. Offenders will be entitled to one warning only, for the duration of this specific event. Should there be a further transgression during the same event whether it be during the same or a subsequent match, the Match Manager will request the referees
(through the Scoretable Chair) to charge the offending coach with a Technical Foul and from that point on, during the match in progress and all future matches in the particular event, normal Technical Foul penalties will apply.

Presentations will be held after each Grand Final.
We encourage teams to stay and support the Grand Finals in each division.

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