Keon Park Football Netball Club

Thank you for choosing to register with the NFNL. Please read the important information below before proceeding.


To participate in the NFNL netball competition, a player must be turning 15 by the end of the year (or older). Players who will still be younger than 15 as of Dec 31 of any given year are ineligible.


Before completing this registration, you will need to have your VNA number for the profile under which you hold a 2019 VNA membership. If you have not yet purchased a 2019 VNA membership, please do so before completing this form, as you will be required to enter the VNA number.

If you are unsure about how to purchase a VNA membership, please contact your club.


If you are transferring from one NFNL club to another NFNL club, do not fill in this form yet! You must complete a transfer process - please contact your new club to commence this process.

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