Corio Bay Basketball

Please note that any refunds will incur a $5.00 admin fee

Team entry is $55.00

Game fees are $50 or Tickets are $9.

Forfeit Invoices will be issued and no bond is required.

Notified forfeit (more than 48 hours notice) $64.00, Unnotified Forfeit (less than 48 hours notice) $100.00 invoices will be issued and must be paid within 14 days of being issued. A $70 late fee will apply.

PLEASE NOTE : Every player must have a current BVCA Registration prior to taking the court.
NO player will be allowed on the court without registration fee being paid. If a team member takes the court whilst unregistered the team will lose points for that game, points will not be reinstated.

The player registration form can be found online at
For more information please contact

Payment options are as follows:

--> VISA Debit Card
--> VISA Credit Card
--> MasterCard Debit Card
--> MasterCard Credit Card
--> PayPal
--> PoliPay

Any time requests must be made in writing to prior to the commencement of the season (during Grading is acceptable). Any Request made after the commencement of the season may not be taken into consideration.

NOTE: To complete this process you will need to pay online.

My team is registered in this league/association, and I know my team code and password

I would like to request my team code and password

New Team Registration