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Vales Basketball Club registrations for the Dandenong Basketball Association Winter 2019 season are now open.

Vales Basketball Club has mixed teams in Under 8, Under 10 and Under 12 and girls and boys teams in under 14, under 16, under 18 and under 23.

**WINTER 2019 FEES**

Fees are as follows per player.

Under 8 (2013/2012): $180.00

Under 10 (2011/2010): $260.00

Under 12 (2009/2008): $260.00

Under 14 (2007/2006): $260.00

Under 16 (2005/2004): $260.00

Under 18 (2003/2002): $260.00

Returning player registration is due by: Sunday 21st April 2019.

**Late registration fees**

If you have not registered by Sunday 21st April 2019, the registration fee will increase to $280 for Under 10-Under 18.

**Winter Season Dates**

Season Starts: Saturday 27th April 2019 - Grading Round 1. Please note, teams can still be graded and moved after the last grading round on Saturday 18th May 2019.

- Saturday 8th June/Sunday 9th June - Queens Birthday
- Saturday 6th July/Sunday 7th July - School Holidays
- Satuday 27th July/Sunday 28th July - Volleyball Tournament

- Semi Finals - Saturday 7th September/Sunday 8th September
- Prelim Finals - Saturday 14th September/Sunday 15th September
- Grand Finals - Saturday 21st September/Sunday 22nd September

Under 8s do not have finals, however, they keep on playing normal rounds during this finals period.


Playing Top: $60.00
Playing Shorts: $40.00
Full Playing Kit: $85.00

**Second Team Fee**

If playing in a second team, a payment of $200.00 on top of normal registration fee of $260.00 will be required. Playing up an age group means playing in a team one age group above a players natural age group. Eg. A 9-year old player cannot play in an U12 team, without first playing in U10.
If a player fills-in for more than 5 games in another team above their natural age group, they will be considered part of that team and the second team fee of $200 will apply.

**Part Payments**

If you have selected to pay part of your fees, please note the second payment will be due before Saturday 25th May 2019, Round 5.

**Payment Plans**

Should you need to enter into a seasonal payment plan with Vales Basketball Club, please contact Moira the Treasurer at PRIOR TO ROUND 1. Previous payment plans will need to be finalised before a new agreement can be entered into.

We do not ask you to pay what is out of your budget, however, payment plans must be adhered to.
The Winter Season has 19 rounds (inc finals), this equates to approx. $14 per round for U10-U18 to play basketball from April to September.

If commitment to part payments or payment plans are not met, please note that the committee will be removing unfinancial players from team lists. This can effect your player's eligibility to compete in finals as they may not meet the number of games required to qualify for finals. Players will not be allowed to be added to the computerised team list courtside, and coaches and team managers will be advised that unfinancial players are not to be allowed onto the court.

**What am I paying for?**

The fee per player covers the following club expenses:

- Training Venue Hire
- Player Insurance
- Team Registrations
- Dandenong Basketball Association Referee Fee
- Dandenong Basketball Association Team Sheet Fees
- Vales Presentations, Family Days and other Vales events

As a club, we do not run many fundraising events throughout the year, therefore, as a not-for-profit club, we rely on registration payments from our members. Some clubs add a fundraising to levy to their fees, we do not wish to head down this path, so we kindly ask, please pay your player’s registration.

**Game Location**

Dandenong Stadium is the main venue for age groups Under 8 – Under 16 on a Saturday, with games for Under 8 starting at 8am and the last games for Under 16s around starting at approx. 6pm.
Under 18s and Under 23s play on Sunday afternoons with games starting at approx. 3pm.

Occasionally, games need to be scheduled by Dandenong Basketball Association to satellite locations. These may be at St John’s Regional College or Rowville Secondary College, however, you will be advised by your team manager of game details.

There is a door fee which is charged by Dandenong Basketball Association and is $3 for players and parents. Children under 12 are free.

**Training Venues**

Vales Basketball trains out of Dandenong Basketball Stadium, Chandler Park Primary School, Keysborough Secondary College - Banksia & Acacia Campuses.

**Keeping track of your games**

Parents are encouraged to install the Game Day App to your phone. This app will give you game times, locations, and you can also track player stats.


Parents are reminded that our coaches, team managers and committee are all volunteers. Should you wish to discuss any issues, please seek out your team manager or committee member. We prefer all inquiries, complaints and compliments to be sent though via email.

Parents and players are also reminded that any inquiries to Dandenong Basketball Association are to go through the committee first to resolve. DBA prefers to not deal directly with members until they have lodged their issues with the club they play for. All inquiries must be in writing.

As a club we will not tolerate any discrimination or abuse towards fellow players, coaches, team managers, referees or officials. Please ask your team manager or committee member for further reading on Conduct and club information.


Candice Adolphe


Vales Basketball Club

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