Touch Singapore

Welcome to the team nomination process for the Touch Singapore (TSG) Pan Pacific All Schools (PPAS) Touch Championships held at the Singapore American School on 23rd & 24th November 2019. Due to limited field availability there is a requirement to cap the total number of teams entries. This competition is open to SCHOOLS only. Team entry fee will be SGD$300. Nomination is not confirmation of participation. Team contacts will receive written confirmation in due course. For any enquiries, please email

Age Eligibility Requirements below

U10 (Born in 2009 or later)
U12 (Born in 2007 or later)
U14 (Born in 2005 or later)
U16 (Born in 2003 or later)
U20 (Born in 1999 or later)

Please select "New Team Registration". Last day of nominations - 1 November 2019

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