Elwood Park Touch

Welcome to the Online Team Nomination process for the Elwood Park Touch 2019/20 Summer Competition.

This online process is designed to save time for both the Team Contact and Touch Football Victoria staff.

Please follow the instructions on the accompanying pages to complete your team registration.

This season the team fees will be set at $1290 for the season. This fee can be paid up front by the team captain via this form (POLi / Visa or Mastercard) by checking the payment option on the next page.

If you would prefer to be invoiced please still tick the box and an invoice will be generated and sent to you within 14 days.

If you have any difficulties during this process, please contact Chris Riddell on 03 9681 3000 or email chris.riddell@touchfootball.com.au.

Existing teams can click on "I know my username and password" and enter their Teamcode/username and password otherwise click on NEW TEAM REGISTRATION and CONTINUE to begin the process.

Terms and Conditions for the competition are available to be viewed on the Elwood Park Touch Website.

Where the applicant is under 18 years of age this Online Team Nomination must be completed by the applicants' parent or legal guardian.

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