Parafield Gardens Recreation Centre - Netball

This is the Player Registration Form for Senior Winter 2020 (Season 1) Netball at The Gardens Recreation Centre. You will need your Team Code from your Team Contact or the Centre to proceed.

All Senior Players must play at least FIVE REGISTERED games to qualify for Finals.

Season Dates

The Winter 2020 season will commence Week of Monday 20th July as a continuation from Season 1 2020.The Season won't run a normal "Finals", but reward 1st and 2nd from each division based on the results table.
Moving forward Seniors will run a "Senior/Winter" Program rather than Season 1 & 2. The Summer 2020/2021 season will commence Week of Monday 12th October 2020.

Registration Fees
$10.50 per player, $15 late fee after Monday 17th August

All Match Times are as follows:
6:15 pm to 10:00pm.

Payment options for registration are as follows:
--> VISA Debit Card
--> VISA Credit Card
--> MasterCard Debit Card
--> MasterCard Credit Card
--> PayPal

If you require any assistance;
Please call us on 08 8286 8800 or email

NOTE: To complete this process you will need to pay online.

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