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Welcome to the Team Registration Portal for Taren Point Touch Association

Before continuing please ensure that as the Team Contact you have read and understood Taren Point Touch Association's Rules and Regulations for this competition. If not please visit www.tarenpoint.touch.asn.au

To complete this process requires two team contacts per team, both of these must be adults and at least one of these to be present at all games. Also you will need to supply correct personal information and contact details including mobile & email for membership and insurance purposes.

Player Registration
At the end of this process you will be asked by the system to supply the email addresses of your players parents/guardians as it will send them an automated email to complete the individual player registration within your team. If this is not possible at the time, alternatively you will receive a unique team code at the end of this process and that can then be communicated to the players parents/guardians who can then complete the individual player registration at Individual Registration Form

Payment is not included in this process and registration payment information is supplied in the confirmation email at the completion of this process. Teams nor players will not be considered registered until the registration payment is made.

It is important to note that the main form of communication between Taren Point Touch Association and yourself as Team Contact and your teammates will be through email, please check your email for further details or the website at www.tarenpoint.touch.asn.au

For more information on competitions at Taren Point contact:
Aileen May
TPTA: Administrator
P: 9520 5467
M: 0431 908 984
Email: pointerstouch@hotmail.com

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